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Rev. Barbara J Hegfors


The Rev. Barbara Hegfors currently shares pastor responsibilities with the Aurora UMC and Northern Lights Lutheran Parish. Previously appointments were to Aurora - Hoyt Lakes UMC Parish, and the Central Measbi Parish covering: Pengilly, Nashwauk and Chisholm UMC. Barb has a B.S. Degree in Clinical Laboratory Science from the University of Minnesota (1970), a B.S. Degree in Business Administration from the California College of Health Science (1994) and a M.S. Degree in Health Administration from the California College of Health Science (2001)..

Barb’s husband Phil and their son, Phillip, work together in the family contracting-excavating business. Phillip and wife, Stacy, have a son, Blake. Barb and Phil enjoy traveling and Barb's hobbies include quilting, knitting, stamping and scrapbooking. She enjoys cross country skiing, paddle boating, biking and walking-- just about anything that is outdoors so that she can enjoy the world that God has given us. She collects turtles, snowflakes, snowmen, angels and Hummel figurines.

Barb’s call to the ministry was felt 25 years ago, when returning from Annual Conference and being directed to give a lay report to the congregations. “After that presentation many individuals told me I had missed my calling,” she says. With the support of the Ely, Minnesota, UMC, she went on to be a lay speaker. Her lay speaking in most churches on Minnesota’s Iron Range was overwhelming and enjoyable and led her to the COS (Course of Study) program which allows a student to work from home to fulfill study assignments instead of living and studying on campus. She completed her Course of Study at St. Paul’s School of Theology in Kansas City, Missouri.

Barb’s passion is visiting shut-ins, making nursing home visits and visiting with children. She realizes the challenges of a two-point parish appointment. She is interested in helping others recognize their uniqueness with God. Encouraging each individual to build a relationship with God using the Scripture, prayer, understanding, knowledge and experience is a goal for her.

Barb’s theological perspective is open-minded, strong in John Wesley Methodism that we are going on to perfection. She believes that doubts and questions are the reason from which God works and continues to work in our lives. Her philosophy is to send individuals out into the world to spread the word of Jesus Christ. She says, “Sharing our Christian story is vitally important if we want to continue to build a relationship with God and to invite others to reap of the fruits of the spirit through the grace that God gives freely to each one of us.”

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